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A true story of the unjust conviction of Michael Luvaglio - convicted alongside Dennis Stafford in 1967 for the murder of Angus Stuart Sibbett.

Neither of the accused were anywhere in the vicinity of the crime scene on the night of the murder. Both men had strong evidence proving their innocence and witnesses who had seen them at the time they were supposed to be in South Hetton committing a murder, but all 164 statements for the defence were suppressed and they were convicted purely on circumstantial evidence provided by the Prosecution.

How can this happen in an civilized society? Good question. No answer except that bad things happen to good people. This crime has since become folklore in the Northeast of England where the murder took place and it has already become notorious for being one of the greatest miscarriages of justice of the 20th century in the UK.

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Sir David Napley was the most high-profile solicitor in Britain, celebrated for the famous cases he took on and for his masterful advocacy. He was made president of the Law Society in 1976-77 and in 1977 was knighted.His clients ranged from royalty to murderers. He wrote several ''faction'' books on famous trials and in 1982 his autobiography, Not Without Prejudice, was published.


Listen to Mark Knopfler's hit song, "5.15 AM" - from album Shangri-La.



Shangri-La is the fourth solo album by Mark Knopfler, released in 2004 - wikipedia.



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"5.15 AM" tells the story of the 1967 One-armed Bandit Murder - wikipedia