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Dr. Lewis has filed an e-petition titled "Miscarriage of Justice - United Kingdom - Luvaglio" for the purpose of collecting at least 100,000 signatures. If 100,000 people sign the petition, the Government has to debate the case in parliament and could order a public inquiry into Michael Luvaglio's case.

If an inquiry into the case is made, he will finally be given the opportunity to present all the evidence given in this website to an impartial jury and be retried based on ALL the information that was never presented before to a British Jury before.

If you believe in his innocence after all you have read and after all the evidence which was made available to you, then please give your support by joining the list of petitioners. It will give you the opportunity to actively protest against all MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Without a strong public outcry this will keep happening and innocent people will continue being unjustly prosecuted under a justice system that they trust.

The law is intended to serve and protect. When it fails its citizens, it must be held accountable for its false actions and take responsibility to rectify its mistake by re-instating justice.

If we can't rely on our British Justice System then we will fall apart as a Nation.

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

This was said by Edmund Burke, 18th Century Philosopher who campaigned for the abolition of slavery.


Please go to the online petition and add your name to the list by clicking on the below link. If the link isn't working with your browser then please, copy this address and paste it in a new browser window:

100,000 signatures are needed so please take the time to do this. Thank you.