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When asked about his conviction and imprisonment, Michael explains "everything that happens to you in life, if it is good - be thankful, if it is bad - look for the lesson and the gift. My unjust and wrongful imprisonment gave me a gift that I will always cherish. It pulled me out of a life of slow corruption and gave me the opportunity to follow a different path in life dedicating my career to helping those who need my help the most. I admit I didn't see the opportunity at the beginning or for quite some time after that, but looking back I know this was a blessing in disguise. I thank God for this gift and believe this is what he intended me to do with my life. I am still helping people with severe disabilities on a voluntary basis and will continue to do so as long as I am allowed to grace this world. The only wish I do have is to clear my name before I die. I do not want to leave this world labelled a "Killer" or "Murderer". I don't deserve that and I certainly don't deserve the headlines to read - 'Fruit Machine Murderer dead at ---'. It was bad enough that my father's funeral was tainted with bad headlines of having a "Killer" son, it would be just outrageous if it happened at mine."

Left: August 9, 2002, Prince Edward and the Mayor of Wandsworth Councillor Leslie McDonnell, presenting Michael with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the London Boroughs of Lambeth, Merton, Wandsworth, the Area Authority and the South West London and St. George NHS Mental Health Trust, for 25 years of service to the community. Prince Edward shaking his hand in thanks and appreciation for all his efforts and hard work over the many years since being released from prison.

Middle: Princess Alexandra presenting Michael with a Certificate of Appreciation after 25 years of service to the community supporting people with severe disabilities.

Right: In 2001, Mayor of Wandsworth, Councillor Ron Smith, presenting Michael with the Civic Award for his dedicated service to people with severe disabilities in the Wandsworth community.