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Statements from Mr. Golden

The police and the prosecution claimed that a collision occurred between the Mark X and the E-Type Jaguar cars and that Angus was murdered at the roadside opposite Burnips Farm at 11:50pm on the 4th January, 1967.

Debris was found by police on the 9th January, perspex and shell cases which the defence have maintained were deliberately placed there.

Mr. Golden stated in court and in his statement of 10th January that as he was cycling passed Hutchinson's Farm, (Junction House) about a mile passed Burnips Farm, he was passed by a Jaguar car and E-Type car.

Mr. Golden was asked at the trial by the defence "Did you see the cars' rear lights turn right into Pesspool Lane?" - (Hutchinson's Farm is close to the junction of the A182 and Pesspool Lane). He answered "No, I could not see it."

The junction of the A182 and Pesspool Lane could be seen from Hutchinson's Farm, but it could not be seen from Burnips Farm - where he was in his original statement taken on the 5th January. This statement was suppressed by the police and has not been seen by any Court.

The Defence pointed out that Mr. Golden would have seen the cars turning right into Pesspool Lane, which was very close to Hutchinson's Farm, if he had in fact been there. Superintendent Kell gave evidence in Court that from Hutchinson's Farm you could not see the turning off to Pesspool Lane. I believe that to this day one can still see that this is not correct.

A Mathematical Professor was called to show that Mr. Golden would have actually passed Burnips Farm at the time a collision and murder were taking place. Ballistics Experts stated that 5 gunshot could be heard up to a distance of half a mile. Mr. Golden said he did not hear any shots.

Prior to the Appeal in January 1973, Peter Hughman, (Solicitor for Dennis Stafford and co-author of Most Unnatural) accompanied by two Police Officers and five cyclists, did test runs to establish that Mr. Golden, being overtaken by Jaguar cars, would have been passing Burnips Farm at the same time, according to the police theory, that a collision and murder were taking place.

Would everybody have gone to all this trouble if they knew of the existence of Mr. Golden's original statements of 5th and 8th of January, 1967?

No Defence solicitors, Q.C., Jury or Court members have ever seen the above-mentioned statements from Mr. Golden.

The police suppressed these statements and coerced the witness to change his statements. In his new statement, he moved his position a mile further down the road, making it possible for the murder scene to be at Burnips Farm - which would fit better with the police theory. They also changed other witnesses' statements and suppressed fingerprint evidence found in the murder scene, which were labeled and photographed - fingerprints not belonging to the accused or the deceased.

In the order of events:

The police found the Mark X Jaguar on 5th January at 5:15am with Angus's brutally murdered body on the rear seat of the car under Pesspool Bridge, South Hetton. From 5th January onwards, police, police cadets and the army searched the area with metal detectors and found nothing.

On 5th January at 11:50pm, 18 hours after the discovery of the murder, Mr. Golden gave his statement that on the 4th January at 11:50pm he was overtaken by a Jaguar sports car, an E-Type and an old Jaguar car as he was cycling past Burnips Farm. (Angus's Mark X was brand new, but Michael Tully, who John Tumbelty named as being involved in the murder of Angus owned an old type green Jaguar saloon car - the same colour as Angus's Mark X.)

One would have thought that at least the police would search the main road before and after Burnips Farm for any clues or evidence. They never disclosed whether or not they searched this area on the 6th, 7th and 8th January. If in fact they did not search the main road, it is very odd that they would go out of their way to search a narrow country lane turning right off the main road which passed Burnips Farm and Hutchinson's Farm into Pesspool Lane.

On 8th January at 4:30pm, the police visited Mr. Golden again and this time he changed his statement completely. He moved his position where he was overtaken by Jaguar cars from Burnips Farm to about a mile further down the road to Hutchinson's Farm and he altered what he originally said about the Jaguars. Here is another strange coincidence: Before the police visited Mr. Golden that day, Mrs. Burnip of Burnip's Farm phoned the police informing them that she heard two sharp cracks in the night. 

On 9th January at 9:30am, Mrs. Burnip gave a statement to the police saying she heard two sharp cracks at about 12:20am (wrong time as the murder and collision had to take place at 11:50pm on 4th January for Stafford and Luvaglio to be guilty of the crime). Burnips Farm was situated near a colliery and at night, empty coal wagons rolled on a decline rail track towards the colliery. In the past, men had been killed by the coal wagons, because they did not hear them coming. To avoid further incidents like this, an method was adopted of placing two explosive caps at intervals on the track so as the empty coal wagons went over them, they would make two loud cracks that would forewarn the Colliery men working on the tracks that the wagons were heading towards them.  The truck could not be seen in the pitch black of night so it was necessary safety measure to do this. Therefore the 2 sharp cracks she heard did not come from revolvers, rather they came from explosive caps which were placed on the railway tracks to alert the miners working on the tracks that a coal truck was coming. 

On Jan. 9th at 3:30pm, the police found 5 shell cases spread over 135 feet on the kerbside of the road opposite Burnips Farm along with spectacle frames and pieces of perspex in a neat heap making a complete near side rear of an E Type Jaguar lying along the roadside as well.

As a policeman, if you decided that the road in front of Burnips Farm was to be the murder scene, you cannot have a cyclist (Mr. Golden) saying in a statement that he was overtaken by two Jaguar cars as he was passing Burnips Farm at 11:50pm on Jan. 4th at exactly the same time that you are claiming that a collision between two Jaguar cars occurred and 5 gunshots were fired, causing the brutal murder of Angus Sibbett.

In order to make this story credible, Mr. Golden's position had to be changed to a mile further down the road, next to Hutchinson's Farm and the time had to be changed to 11:45 pm. That is why the police visited Mr. Golden on Jan 8th again, to strongly persuade him to change his statement - which he did. Unfortunately the officer who took the 2nd statement on Jan 8th, which shifted his position to Hutchinson's Farm made a blunder by starting off the second statement with: "Further to my statement of 5th January....."

If this were shown to the prosecution (seeing as Mr. Golden was a prosecution witness) it would have alerted people that he had already made a statement on the 5th of January, so why was it necessary to take a 2nd statement from him?

Thus it became necessary for the police to pay Mr. Golden a 3rd visit. He then made a 3rd statement on the 10th of January which made no mention that there were any preceding statements, giving the jury the impression that Mr. Golden had only made one statement. The interesting thing about the 3rd statement is that it was taken by Detective Inspector Greenlagh, a high ranking officer. The other 2 statements were taken by subordinates. Why would such a high ranking officer get involved in a routine administration task that was normally handled by lower ranking officers, unless he wanted to make sure that there were no more botch ups in taking the statement from Mr. Golden that would ultimately be presented to the Judge and Jury in the trial?


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