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Dedication of Website

To all of those who have and continue to support me, this is my message to you:

You helped me to endure twelve years of unjust incarceration.

You are the light that saves me in my darkest hours of despair.

You help me turn the churning anguish of bitterness in my soul that would have destroyed my life into: trust in those around me and into dedication to help and support those most disadvantaged in our society.

You help me to forgive those, who knowingly caused my unjust imprisonment.

You help me to open my eyes to see that there are good Samaritans everywhere, who help, support and fight for justice for me, where in many cases I am a complete stranger to them.

You give me joy in my heart in supporting my quest to achieve my desire to help those less fortunate than myself.

You give me back my reason to live, when I despair that life is not worth living.

Therefore, I find that words are inadequate and not enough, to express my very deep appreciation, for everything that you are all doing for me.

All I can say is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

I have but one last request of all of you. Please continue to help me obtain justice before I die, so I may die in peace.

..... Michael Luvaglio



This Web-Site is dedicated especially to the four people whose dedicated support in trying to obtain justice for me I will never forget and will always be grateful for. I call them my "Four Just Men". They are:

The late Sir David Napley, Christopher Murray, David Lewis and Peter Hughman.

After my unjust conviction in March 1967, Sir David Napley took over my case with Christopher Murray and presented an appeal to the Appeal Court in 1968. Sir David was confident that my conviction would be overturned and I would be released from prison. When the Appeal was refused, he was shocked, and my parents as well as myself were devastated,. At that time no further action could be taken, unless fresh evidence came to light.

In 1971, after an intensive investigation by David Lewis, a 29 year old worldly experienced journalist and Peter Hughman a 23 year old law student, they published a Penguin Special titled:

Most Unnatural; An inquiry into the Stafford Case

Their book created a tremendous amount of publicity that awakened the conscience of those in our society who were concerned with an individual's right to freedom, justice, human dignity and the wish to be free from oppression and state corruption.

The whole individual spectrum of our society, from the well known philosopher Bertrand Russell, to Sir John Gordon , editor in chief of the Express Newspaper, were inspired by the book and came together to support the individual's right to fight for justice. Or otherwise, as Samuel Johnson said : " What remains is to acquiesce in silence ".

Sir David Napley died on the 24th September, 1994.

The great and the judiciary attended his memorial service, where George Carmen Q.C. stated from the pulpit that Sir David Napley wanted to see the conviction of Michael Luvaglio overturned and his innocence proven beyond doubt.

After the service, his daughter said to me, that throughout her life she had only seen her father cry once and that was when my appeal was refused.



Thanks must be given to Michael Purdon, my solicitor in Newcastle and Leone Hirst, Q.C. of the Michael Mansfield Chambers in London who tried to get my case re-opened in Strasbourg. All this was done pro-bono for which I am very grateful.

Special thanks goes to my very good and long standing friend, Judette Peart, who supported me and my parents throughout the period since my conviction. Judette carried out the research of the trial transcript, documentary evidence and the analysis thereof.

Last but certainly not least, my parents, for always believing in my innocence and continuing to fight for my freedom until the day they died. It was their love and strength that kept me going even in my deepest, darkest hours.



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