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TV & Radio Programmes from 1973-2008

TV Programmes 

  • Mid Week National BBC1 - Ludovic Kennedy January 1973 (Confession of John Tumblety - picked up Killer from South Hetton)
  • Coast to Coast National Documentary BBC1 - Stuart Prebble November 1979
  • "20 Years On" Tyne Tees Television - Kevin Rowntree 1987
  • Close Up North BBC2 - Dan Farthing Producer January 31, 2002
  • Inside Out - April 2008

Radio Programmes

  • Radio Metro - James Whale
  • BBC Radio Newcastle
    • Frank Whapit
    • Kevin Rowntree


Playwright C.P. Taylor, "Bandits" - based on the "One-Armed Bandit Murder" and how the police got their men. Unfortunately they were the wrong men, because they never committed the crime. The play was performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. 

Articles written about the "One-Armed Bandit" case

The innocent website is a Manchester-based organisation which supports and campaigns for innocent people in prison and is made up of families, friends and supporters of wrongly convicted prisoners who have come together in order to help each other. It is an independent organisation. His case can be found there as well and the site has collected and posted many articles which have been written regarding this case in the past.

  • Articles found on the site include:
  • Final Decision by CCRC - by John Hatton 19 July, 2007
  • Stafford to take case to European Court of Human Rights - by John Hatton 21 February, 2007
  • CCRC ignore blatant bias in summing up and destruction of evidence. Stafford and Luvaglio case not referred - by John Hatton 18 December, 2006
  • Get Carter murder duo insist: "We're innocent": Lawyers say gangland hit that inspired the Michael Caine film led to Miscarriage of Justice - by Tony Thompson, Guardian Unlimited 3 February, 2002


Books which were either written about or made reference to the "Fruit Machie Murder" or "One Arm Bandit" Case

  • "The Angus Sibbet murder" by Bob Woffinden in his 1987 book Miscarriages of Justice.
  • "Unsolved" Volume 4 Issue 47 "The Fruit Machine Murder" - a weekly Publishing put out by Orbis Publishing Limited, Orbis House
  • "Not Without Prejudice" The memoirs of Sir David Napley (Chapter 21 "The Case of Michael Luvaglio")
  • "Mad Frank's Britain" by Frankie Fraser with James Morton ("Newcastle" page 180-197)
  • "Fun Loving Criminal" by Dennis Stafford with Stafford Hildred (Chapter 14 - "Murder Most Foul")
  • "Most Unnatural: An Inquiry into the Stafford Case" by David Lewis and Peter Hughman