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Michael Luvaglio's Story

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Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person? On January 4th, 1967 I was, and my life was never the same again. It was on this night that Angus Sibbett, a good friend and colleague was shot to death and left abandoned in his Mark X Jaguar. The next day I was taken into custody alongside Dennis Stafford, charged and later convicted for his murder. The result - a life sentence and a label for life as a "Murderer". Dennis Stafford and I have been campaigning for our innocence since 1967. The battle still goes on and my time is running out. Follow my story and judge for yourself whether the verdict should have been "Guilty" or "Innocent".

This website was created with the intention of making public what should have been made public 45 years ago. With enough public support, I stand a better chance of a re-trial with a fair and impartial jury, where I can present concrete evidence and statements from witnesses proving my innocence but were withheld from the Defence, Judge and Jury members during my trial in 1967. Had this evidence been available to the Defence at my trial in 1967, I would have been fairly tried and freed instead of being convicted and robbed of a normal life. It is my hope that a new jury, after having reviewed ALL the evidence from the Defence will then be able to make a fair judgement based on FACTS and not CIRCUMSTANCE, as was the case on March 17, 1967 - the day Dennis Stafford and I were given a LIFE SENTENCE for a crime we did not commit. My case was a political one, not a fair one.  

I have been campaigning for a re-trial now for 44 years and have been asking the British courts for the opportunity to present ALL the evidence to a new jury. All my appeals for a re-trial have been refused by them; the last refusal was by the Supreme Court, although it is a basic human right to be granted a fair trial with an impartial jury and to be given the opportunity to present all evidence that is relevant to the case. I was denied this and am still being denied it.

Parliament has the authority to order a public inquiry, but the only way this can happen is if enough people across the country protest against this miscarriage of justice. So after looking at this website and seeing all the evidence, if you come to the conclusion that a miscarriage of justice may have taken place, please add your name to the public online petition that has been set up for this purpose. 

Before my conviction, the only time I was in trouble with the law was when I was given a £10 fine for not stopping private betting at one of our coffee clubs which was going on with some of my customers at one of the tables. They were betting amongst themselves who would get the highest score on one of the games available at the coffee club. Hardly a hard-core crime! Other than that one isolated incident (which is hardly worth mentioning) I was never in trouble with the law and that remained consistent after I was released on Life Licence.

If there is any justice in the UK, I would like to believe that it is still in the hearts and minds of the British public, which is why I am looking for support and a public outcry from fellow countrymen. There is much corruption within our own system, where innocent people are sent to prison while the real criminals are allowed to roam free. If you feel the same then help put a stop to it by speaking out against injustices such as mine and spreading the word about this site and my campaign. 

March 17th, 1967 - taken from the Court trial transcripts:

The Clerk of Assize addressed the accused and asked: "Michael Luvaglio and Dennis Stafford, you stand convicted by the verdict of the Jury of murder.

Have you anything to say why the Court should not proceed to judgement?"

Mr. Luvaglio: "I am not guilty, Sir."

Mr. Stafford: "Not Guilty, Sir."

Mr. Justice O'Connor: "I pass upon each of you the sentence which the law requires me to pass, IMPRISONMENT FOR LIFE."

Please go to the online petition and add your name to the list by clicking on the below link. If the link isn't working with your browser then please, copy this address and paste it in a new browser window:

100,000 signatures are needed so please take the time to do this. Thank you.